Child Custody

The divorce process can be a lengthy and difficult one, especially if there are children involved. Who will have legal custody of the children? Who will have primary physical custody of them? Of course, you want what is truly best for your children, however, when it comes to child custody, both parents may have different opinions about what they consider to be “best.” A court will look at all factors to determine where the children should be placed, and you and your lifestyle will be under high scrutiny during this time.


Factors that may be taken into consideration by a Maryland court during a child custody case include:


  • The parental fitness of both parentsĀ 
  • The financial status of each parent
  • The age, health and gender of each child
  • Whether the child has any special needs that one parent may be better suited to meet
  • The preference of each child, if they are old enough to make such a decision
  • The ability of each parent to provide opportunities that will affect the children’s future
  • The location of each parent’s home
  • The reputation and character of each parent
  • Whether either parent has a past criminal record
  • The relationship between each child with each parent
  • Whether a particular custodial arrangement will place undue hardship on a child or disrupt their social or school life
  • The suitability of each parent’s home


When a court is determining what living arrangements will be best for your child during a divorce, you need someone who will advocate for your rights as a parent. Felipe Santo Domingo is an experienced Baltimore child custody lawyer who will support you in asserting what you believe to be the best for your children. Call today for a consultation. 1-800-Have-DUI.