Child Support

When a marriage ends and the children are placed in the primary care of one spouse, child support becomes an issue. How much child support is required to provide for the children’s needs? How much child support is fair?


Whether you are the payor spouse or the spouse requesting support, Felipe Santo Domingo is an experienced Baltimore child support attorney who is well versed in Maryland family law.


Assistance is available for:


  • Payor spouses who need to reduce the amount of child support paid in to better meet his or her own financial needsĀ 
  • Spouses who need to file for child support
  • Spouses who need to collect unpaid child support
  • Spouses who need to request a higher amount of child support due to the changing needs of the children


Child support can be a hot button issue once a divorce has taken place and custody has been awarded. The court awarding child support will take into consideration the financial needs of the children, the ability of both parties to support the children financially in the current custody arrangement, as well as what is in the best interest of the children. However, once child support has been awarded, the amount may or may not cover the needs of the children, or it may drain the payor spouse financially.


If you are in need of legal assistance for child support issues, you need someone by your side to advocate for your rights and the best interests of your children. Call Felipe Santo Domingo to set up an appointment for a consultation today. 1-800-Have-DUI.