Going through a divorce and determining child custody is difficult enough, however, hashing out visitation can be tricky. What visitation schedule is best for the children? What is best for each parent? What do you do if your ex-spouse fails to adhere to the court ordered visitation schedule?


If you need assistance determining a visitation schedule that is a good fit for your family, or you need help enforcing a previously agreed upon visitation schedule, a family law attorney may be your best option. An experienced family law attorney can work with you and the court system to determine what is best for your children, and to assist the court in enforcing a visitation agreement that is not being followed.


Don’t assume that once visitation has been decided that it cannot be changed or amended. If for some reason you need more or less visitation rights, you can petition the court for a new visitation order. You can also petition the court if your ex-spouse is demanding more visitation than the court originally ordered or has not been taking his or her court ordered visitation time with the children.


Felipe Santo Domingo is an experienced and compassionate family law attorney who understands how sensitive visitation and other child custody issues can be, and will put the needs of your children first. If you need legal assistance with any aspect of a visitation agreement, call Felipe Santo Domingo for an appointment for a consultation. 1-800-Have-DUI.